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We are funded entirely on donations.  Help us complete our mission to help serve all veterans and first responders in need of a companion.



  • Adoption Fees
  • Event Costs
  • Advertising
  • Legal Obligations

  • Hours of training with professionals.
  • Service Dog Vests, patches, collars, and leashes are all necessary in training a PTSD Service Companion
Animal Husbandry

  • Dog Nutrition is very important.  Without proper nutrition they will not be able to do their job.
  • We crate train. Kennels and bedding are a necessity for a healthy schedule

how can your donation help

Veterinary Care

  • Animals require vaccines and parasite prevention
  • Also, in case of illness we need to be able to pay any medical expenses

Volunteering Opportunities

Clever Companions is a Non-Profit Corporation (EIN: 47-2018035) and a 501(c)(3) Charitable Foundation DLN: 17053196371045

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Sponsor information

Let us advertise for you

  • $1000 or more, you will be a sponsor on our website, have a spot on all t-shirts, and banners for 2 years
  • $500-1000, you will be a sponsor on our website and on all t-shirts for 1 year
  • $250-$500 you will be a sponsor on our website for 1 year
we are currently looking for donations, sponsors, and volunteers.  we would love for you to join our team.  We look forward to changing lives and serving our veterans and first responders

Volunteers needed:

If you are interested in Clever Companions volunteering opportunities please let us know.

E-mail: info@clevercompanions.org



IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO DO ANY OF THE FOLLOWING we look forward to hearing from you  

  • Community Service to help earn grants for Clever Companions
  • Fostering animals
  • Event planning
  • Photographing events
  • Working Events