We are funded entirely on donations.  Help us complete our mission to help serve all veterans and first responders in need of a companion.

How our Service Dog Training can help you

  • Provide you with a PTSD service dog
  • Help adjust serotonin levels
  • help lower blood pressure
  • help with episodes of depression
  • provide companionship
  • calm their handler
  • prevent people from crowding around or rushing up on their handler

Clever Companions is a Non-Profit Corporation (EIN: 47-2018035) and a 501(c)(3) Charitable Foundation DLN: 17053196371045

Full List of eligibility requirements

  • Veteran or First Responder that served
  • Ability to travel at least once monthly until you receive your Service Dog
  • Adequate support system of family and friends
  • Currently or has been treated for PTSD
  • Like and want to be with a dog regularly
  • Financially able to care for pet

If you have any questions or our buttons aren't working for you please email us directly:


 tasks will depend on what you specifically need.  Here are some examples of Tasks we train to do.

  • ​Cover my Front - Dogs are trained to move from a "left side position" to a "front side position" in order to create a spatial boundary between the handler and public.
  • Cover my Back - Dogs are trained to turn, sit, and face the opposing direction from the handler, creating a sense of security and reducing stress.
  • ​Wake from Night Terrors - Dogs are trained to wake up someone having nightmares. 
  • ​Pick up items and give them to their handler.

We want to help

Clever Companions PTSD service dogs are great additions to a family or single lifestyle.  We use relationship-based training in our service dog training. 


What our PTSD dogs are trained to do